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Dental Surgery Preparation

The preparation of the surgical room is a protocol itself. Both infection control and comfort are at stake.

Whether the dental practice offers a dedicated surgical room or transforms their usual examination room into a room for surgery, infection control must be respected. The use of sterile disposable products is the best way to prevent cross-contamination: Sterile protection and surgical drapes must be applied on equipment, and the team must wear sterile protective clothing . To make the surgeon’s life easier, HYGITECH offers 10 pre-assembled kits, all ready for use.

A successful surgery starts with well-established preparation protocols.

Healthcare personnel and patients will enjoy better comfort and make the surgery successful if the surgical room is well-prepared. Using surgical kits proves to be time-saving and offers peace of mind, as no element will ever be missing. Should you want to have your own custom procedure kit assembled, HYGITECH offers this service and delivers your kits within 30 days.

Finally, decontaminating products must be used before sterilising instruments and welcoming another patient.

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  • Unit price : £ 0.08

    Packaging : box of 300

    Essential non-sterile, non-woven protection. 3 colours available

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  • Unit price : £ 0.83

    Packaging : 12 protection shields

    Anti-fog treatment Vertical inclination Handy: Shields easy to fit Perfect protection: 30cm shield protects the whole face The shield assures clear vision, abrasion and scratch-resistant

    £ 9.99
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  • Unit price : £ 1.10

    Packaging : box of 50

    This polyethylene x-ray bouffant cover will offer maximum protection against cross-contamination when covering your x-ray material, microscopes or dental lights.Internal diameter: 20cm.External diameter: 50cm.

    £ 55.00
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  • Unit price : £ 2.20

    Packaging : Box of 30

    These drapes are composed of 2 layers: 1 absorbent spunlace layer (24g/m²) 1 waterproof PP layer (30g/m²) They can cover the equipment, Mayo tables, bridge tables and the patient Sticking on the shorter side

    £ 66.00
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  • Unit price : £ 0.30

    Packaging : box of 50

    Effective and comfortable waterproof protection for the patient White cover with elastic lining, easy to fix on the dental chair keeping the handle uncovered Favours the impression of cleanness and care for hygiene of the surgery Fits any kind of dental chair, 24cm diameter 

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  • Unit price : £ 2.23

    Packaging : Box of 30

    £ 50.00
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  • Unit price : £ 0.88

    Packaging : Box of 20 Total Cost : £ 25.00 -30% Reduction

    - Cost effective: These covers reduce the need to use disinfectants and protect the dental chair from bacteria, increasing the lifespan of the chair. - Convenient: A single, universal, easy-to-use cover for all 3 parts of the dental chair (6 fixing straps) - Comfortable and waterproof: it creates a pleasant looking and hygienic environment, giving the...

    £ 17.50
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  • Unit price : £ 0.93

    Packaging : box of 50

    Sterile dual layered surgical drape, absorbent and impermeable, ensures the best protection! Cover the patient and keep his eyes covered. Drape with an oval opening of 10.5 x 12 cm diameter with adhesive around the centre of the drape for easy positioning and fixing over the patient's face and particularly around the mouth.

    £ 46.50
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  • Unit price : £ 1.50

    Packaging : box of 50

    Cover the patient and keep his eyes uncovered. U-shaped cutout on the shorter side with adhesive for easy positioning and fixing around the collar. Size of the U cutout: diameter 11.5 cm, height 10 cm.

    £ 75.00
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  • Unit price : £ 0.54

    Packaging : box of 100

    Standard waterproof absorbent surgical drape. Sterile dual layered surgical drape, absorbent and impermeable, ensures the best protection! Protects the equipment, tables and the patient's chest and shoulders.

    £ 54.00
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  • Unit price : £ 17.95

    Packaging : 1 frame + 12 protection shields

    Complete article: Autoclavable frame, single use shields Anti-fog treatment Vertical inclination Frame available in 3 colours: white, blue, pink

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  • Unit price : £ 0.12

    Packaging : 1 x roll of 250 protective sleeves

    £ 31.00
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  • Unit price : £ 0.09

    Packaging : 1 x roll of 250 sleeves

    HYGITECH polyethylene protection sleeves enable you to cover hand pieces, cables, turbines and contra-angles. Effective barrier to fight against cross contamination. Practical: Sleeves are easily separated one from another via the dispenser box.

    £ 23.50
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  • Unit price : £ 2.30

    Packaging : 10 sets of 5 sheets

    In order to prevent cross-contamination, all surfaces that are likely to be touched by the medical team during the surgery should be covered. The protection film helps fight cross-contamination by becoming a valid protection barrier for all the surfaces.

    £ 23.00
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  • Unit price : £ 0.01

    Packaging : 1 x roll of 1200 transparent sheets

    Convenient - Easy to tear off and apply Its delicate adhesive layer makes Hygifilm easily removable without damaging your equipment or walls. - Supplied as a roll of 10cm x 14,5xm pre-perforated adhesive sheets, presented in a dispenser box.

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  • Unit price : £ 0.78

    Packaging : Box of 50 pairs

    Latex, non powdered gloves. Sterile. Available in 8 sizes

    £ 39.00
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  • Unit price : £ 0.72

    Packaging : box of 25

    Total protection of the face, eyes and forehead Elastic 3 ply mask with nose clip, EN 14683 Fully transparent panoramic visor No glass fibres, latex-free, odourless .

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  • Unit price : £ 3.50

    Packaging : 300g

    Extra absorbent Available in 3 different sizes

    £ 3.50
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