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  • My Surgery Box

    Innovation My Surgery Box

    Peace of mind for a successful surgery

    • Three steps of implant surgery in one personalised, ready-to-use box
    • Time spent is optimised
    • Stick to your own protocols for an efficient surgery
    • Space optimisation
    • Efficient calculation of your patient’s surgery cost

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  • Personalised surgical kit


    You can now assemble your own sterile set.

    • Large choice of components
    • Customise the packaging
    • Fast delivery: kits delivered in 30 days
    • Request your free non-sterile sample

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  • Simplified Surgical Guide

    INNOVATION Simplified Surgical Guide

    Peace of mind for placing an implant.

    • Service includes the planning and manufacture of the guide
    • Universal: compatible with all implant brands
    • No investment required
    • Competitive price from £125, and drills offered at the time of the first order.
    • Fast delivery

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    Superior quality to ensure a perfect healing
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    An excellent resource of information for dental surgeons, beginners and experts alike Learn more
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    Surgical instruments

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