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Dental surgery : Irrigation

A good irrigation is essential during the implant operations.

It determines the success of the operation by avoiding excessive heat at the bone due to the friction of the cutter.

Facilitate your surgery with the HYGITECH irrigation sets.

Several models are available to be perfectly adapted to your motor and your practice (internal or external irrigation or both combined), and an attachment to the cord system is supplied with each line.

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  • Total Cost : £ 18.00 -20% Reduction

    Saline water solution for irrigation.0,9% sodium chloride concentration.Available in 250ml or 500ml pouches.

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  • Packaging : Box of 10

    HYGITECH offers a complete range of  irrigation sets compatible with most implantology motors on the market.Irrigation is an essential element of an implant surgery and limits the heating of bone and adjacent tissues.

    £ 40.00
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