Dental Surgery : Irrigation

HYGITECH irrigation sets are essential for surgery

HYGITECH supplies different irrigation methods ( external irrigation , internal irrigation or the two combined) compatible with different implantology motors in order to avoid an infection during an operation.

Sterile irrigation set is crucial during dental treatments such as placing implants, dental extraction, in the process of placing a crown, and enables the operation’s success by reducing the heat caused by friction.

In 1983 Erickson’s studies, showed that the exposure of tissues to a temperature of 47degrees for more than a minute leads to necrosis of the same tissues. In order to counter this effect during surgery, the use of an irrigation method is essential.

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    With dental surgeons using two kinds of irrigation- external and internal, HYGITECH offers irrigation kits that answer both needs, as well as 1-way and 2-way systems. It is essential that the silicone tubes are compatible with the implant motors. This is why we manufacture many irrigation set models, to offer optimum compatibility. irrigation set is EO...

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    The external irrigation set enables the surgeon to irrigate with no specific irrigation device or motor. It can be used individually during all types of dental surgeries and also for implant surgery, to adjust the flow of cooling liquid.

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  • Saline water solution for irrigation.0,9% sodium chloride concentration.Available in 250ml or 500ml pouches.

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