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Sterilisation : Sterilisation

Proper sterilisation begins with the dental personnel who must wash hands with water and soap thoroughly and then wear single-use protective gloves. Since all protective dental supplies are somewhat prone to micropores and accidental cuts or tears, hands must be washed again after each pair of gloves is taken off. Therefore, preventing health hazards depends first and foremost on the personal hygiene of medical staff, and then on their careful handling of properly sterilsed tools during and after the manipulation.

Cleaning of dental equipment

Sterilisation concerns both freehand instruments and handpiece appliances and burrs. To ensure proper hygiene, a dentist must discard all dental hand instruments into a plastic container filled with an appropriate disinfectant. After soaking for the manufacturer-prescribed time, handheld instruments then undergo mechanical cleaning in a machine washer with special detergents; any dental materials stuck on the tools are taken off using ultrasonic devices or specialised solutions. Avoid manual cleaning; it is less effective and carries a high risk of injury. Then come the autoclaves, special sterilisers which expose the instruments to high heat for a specific amount of time. Sterilisers play a role in the cleaning of handpieces and burrs, too. Initially, handpieces require vigorous scrubbing with an appropriate detergent, while burrs are best freed from dental debris via ultrasound. Then both devices are ready for the autoclave.

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    Packaging : Box of 200

    Suitable for use with an autoclave or chemiclav. Integrated sterilisation verification. 2 ply paper/film composition. 9 sizes available

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  • Packaging : Box of 200

    Suitable for use with an autoclave or chemiclave. Integrated sterilisation verification. 2 ply paper/film composition. 3 sizes available

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  • Suitable for use with an autoclave or chemiclav. Integrated sterilisation verification. 2 ply paper/film composition. Each individual roll is 200m long.

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    Packaging : 500 sheets

    Cassette wrapping for complete protection during sterilisation cycle. Composed of 100% cellulose fibers. 60g/m²: Great barrier against bacteria Multiple uses: The paper can be used as a dental tray or a sterile drape after the package is opened The range is ISO 11607-1 and EN868-2 certified

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    Adhesive tape with stripes of thermochromatic ink imprinted. It serves to denote whether an item has been through the autoclave. Whilst it does not offer any guarantee of sterility, it does help to distinguish easily between packs of instruments which have and have not been sterilised, as mix-ups can often occur in a surgery.

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    Prion is a protein that is present in the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Prion test guarantees sterility in an individual sterilisation parcel (pouch, sealed sleeve or crepe-paper packet) placed in a loaded autoclave.

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    Helix test tests an autaclave's capacity to sterilise hollow items such as suction autoclavable tubes. It needs to be carried out every day during a specific cycle (in an empty autoclave).

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    Bowie Dick test tests the autoclave's capacity to sterilise porous items such as gowns and drapes. It needs to be carried out every day on a specific cycle (in an empty autoclave)

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    The HYGITECH biological indicators are designed to control the efficiency of various processes of sterilisation by saturated vapour between 121 and 135°C. They are inoculated with viable bacterial spores of GeoBacillus Stearothemophilus and respond to performance specifications and quality indicated in ISO 11138.

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