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Dental surgery : Post-OP

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    The Post Op Specialys Kit is available to your patients after implant placement, it promotes healing after surgery.Composition of the kit: a post-surgical toothbrush a soothing spray

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    This reusable Hot & Cold therapy pack helps patients manage pain and swelling following implantology procedures. - Sized 10 x 11.5 cm, it offers full coverage of the surgical area. - Easy to store and use: Simply store in a freezer until ready to use - Comfortable thanks to its non-woven cover

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    A single squeeze activation makes this cold therapy pack immediately reach a safe, therapeutic temperature (4°C) and sustain this temperature for up to 15 minutes. - Sized 12 x 14 cm, it offers full coverage of the surgical area. - Easy to store and use: Simply keep at ambient temperature, no need for a freezer!

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