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Drape with hole & adhesive 45 x 60 cm

Drape with hole & adhesive 45 x 60 cm


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Introducing our  surgical drape, designed to meet the rigorous demands of dental surgery. This drape protects both patients and practitioners throughout the surgical process.

Key features and benefits:

- Barrier protection: Our surgical drape provides a barrier against contaminants, maintaining a sterile environment crucial to the success of dental surgery. It prevents the transmission of fluids and micro-organisms, reducing the risk of infection for patients and practitioners.

- With dimensions of 45x60cm, this drape offers ample coverage for a variety of dental procedures, ensuring adequate protection of surrounding areas. Its versatile design allows seamless integration into different surgical protocols, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

- Comfort: Made from high-quality materials, our surgical drape is designed for comfort.

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- Class : Is STERILE. Notifying Body : CE 1639

- Manufacturer : Hygitech

- Date of elaboration of the product sheet: 04/04/24