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Sterile Protective Sleeves

Sterile Protective Sleeves


Box of 10

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The sterile protective sleeve is an essential accessory designed to maintain hygiene and safety standards during dental surgical procedures. They are tightly wrapped around tubes, protecting them, and ensuring a sterile environment for the surgical team and each patient. This sleeve helps protect against cross-contamination.


Hygitech reassurance product

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Hygitech reassurance product

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Hygitech reassurance product

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Key Features and Benefits:

Sterilization Guarantee: Each sleeve undergoes rigorous sterilization procedures, ensuring optimal aseptic conditions during dental surgical interventions.

Easy Application: Convenient, these protectors are easy to apply and perfectly adapt to different tube sizes, enhancing efficiency in dental practice.

Usage Precautions:

This product is a medical device, please read the instructions on the packaging before use.

This product is for single use only and should not be reused. Reusing this product may expose the patient to infectious risks.

Do not use the product if the packaging is damaged.

Do not re-sterilize this product.


Q: Are these tube protectors’ latex-free?

A: Yes, the tube protectors are latex-free, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions for both patients and dental personnel.

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Medical Device. Class I Sterile. Certifying Organization: SGS Belgium 1639

Manufacturer: Hygitech

Product Sheet Creation Date: May 14, 2024