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Dental chair covers, sterile

Dental chair covers, sterile


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Hygitech reassurance product

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Hygitech reassurance product

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Sterile dental chair covers are carefully designed to provide sterile protection for dental chairs during procedures. They provide a sterile barrier to maintain a clean and hygienic environment in dental practices

Key features and benefits:

- Sterile Barrier Protection: Our dental chair covers offer a sterile barrier against contamination, ensuring the integrity of the operating field during procedures and reducing the risk of cross-contamination between patients.

- Secure fit: Designed for a secure, snug fit, these covers stay in place during procedures, preventing slippage and ensuring optimum coverage of the dental chair surface.

- Easy Application: With a user-friendly design, these covers are easy to apply to dental chairs, saving time and ensuring convenience for dental practitioners.


Q: Are these covers suitable for all types of dental chair?

A: Yes, our sterile dental chair covers are designed to fit most standard dental chairs, offering universal compatibility in different dental practices.

Q: Can these covers be discarded after each use?

A: Yes, we recommend disposing of chair covers after each use to maintain sterility and avoid cross-contamination between patients.

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- Class : Is STERILE. Notifying Body : CE 1639

- Manufacturer : Hygitech

- Date of elaboration of the product sheet: 04/04/24