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Non-Sterile Protective Sleeve - Box of 250 Rolls

Non-Sterile Protective Sleeve - Box of 250 Rolls


Box of 250

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  • 1 x roll of 250 sleeves



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The non-sterile protective sleeve is an essential accessory designed to maintain hygiene and safety standards during dental procedures. It offers a protective layer for tubes, preventing contamination and ensuring a clean environment for dental interventions.

Dimensions: 4.5x45 cm, Ø2.8 cm, conical end 1.5 cm wide OR 5.5x45 cm, Ø2.8 cm, conical end 1.5 cm wide.

Key Features and Benefits:

Effective Barrier: The protective sleeve acts as a reliable barrier against contaminants, protecting dental equipment and ensuring patient safety.

Easy Application: Convenient, these protective sleeves are easy to apply and a perfect fit for various tube sizes, facilitating effective dental practice.

Economical Solution: The non-sterile sleeves provide a cost-effective solution for maintaining hygiene without compromising quality.

Practical: The sleeves are easily detachable thanks to the dispensing box, resistant, providing durability and reliability in various dental practice settings.


Q: Can these protective sleeves be sterilized for reuse?

A: No, these sleeves are non-sterile and intended for single use only.

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