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Non-Woven Headcover

Non-Woven Headcover


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The non-woven head cover is designed to offer protection and hygiene to dental practitioners during procedures. It offers comfort and reliability, ensuring optimum performance in dental environments.

Key Features and Benefits:

- High Quality Material: Our headgear is made from premium non-woven fabric, renowned for its durability and breathability, offering comfort for extended wear during dental procedures.

- Secure fit: Designed with an elastic band, this headgear ensures a secure, snug fit for different head sizes, preventing slippage and allowing practitioners to concentrate on patient care without distractions.

- Disposable Design: With a disposable design, this head cover offers convenience and hygiene, eliminating the need to wash after each use, saving time and resources in busy dental practices.


Q: Does the head cover fit all head sizes?

A: Yes, the elastic band ensures a flexible fit, adapting to different head sizes for optimum comfort and safety during procedures.

Q: Can the head cover be reused?

A: No, we recommend disposing of the head cover after each use to maintain hygiene standards and prevent cross-contamination.

Q: Is the material breathable?

A: Yes, the non-woven fabric is breathable, offering comfort to practitioners during long dental procedures.

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- Class : Is STERILE. Notifying Body : CE 1639
- Manufacturer : Hygitech

- Date of elaboration of the product sheet: 04/04/24