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Dental Surgery : Aspiration

The aspiration system operates continuously during the small dental implant surgery or operations.

It aims to collect all types of waste such as blood, saline, and bone fragments. Its good working order is essential to the success of the operation.

HYGITECH provides surgical cannulas, aspiration tubes and waste suction system pockets which prevents the system from clogging.

High quality aspiration equipment

Opt for equipment designed to ensure that your patients get the right treatment by browsing our range and keeping your equipment stocks up to date with the highest quality products. A top quality handpiece is a necessity throughout all stages of an operation, as are all of the accessories that go with it. We also provide various machine based solutions that will guarantee everything from safety to the fulfilment of certain voltage requirements.

An essential aspect of the good technical kit maintenance consists in regularly reviewing your equipment and replacing it wherever necessary. We can also provide trays and surgical tables that will help to make the separation of equipment for different stages of a single operation (or for different types of surgeries altogether) much more easy and intuitive.

No matter what your needs are for your technical equipment. Whether you need a state of the art handpiece or an entire new set of tools, we will be delighted to provide you with the industry's very best examples.

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  • Unit price : £ 6.40

    Packaging : Box of 5

    Surgical aspiration set compatible with all aspiration systems and composed of: a surgical cannula a filter for collecting bone fragments a 2m PVC tube Supplied with a universal adaptor for aspiration systems.

    £ 32.00
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  • Unit price : £ 2.90

    Packaging : Box of 10

    £ 29.00
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  • Unit price : £ 2.29

    Packaging : Box of 10

    Sterile transparent PVC suction tube with 2 connectors at the extremities.Length: 2.70m

    £ 22.90
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  • Unit price : £ 0.68

    Packaging : box of 50

    Specially for implantologists, it can be fixed to any standard PVC tube or to any surgical suction cannula support. Ideal for angulation of the cannula Length: 25cm, 4mm tip

    £ 34.00
    In Stock
  • Unit price : £ 1.10

    Packaging : Box of 20

    Precise and effective suction cannula, which reaches the narrowest areas. Each box contains 2 autoclavable adapters, diameter 11mm and diameter 16mm. Length: 18cm, Available with 1.2mm and 2.5mm tips.

    £ 22.00
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  • Unit price : £ 10.00

    Packaging : 1 unit

    HYGITECH wall mount in grey polycarbonate for HYGITECH suction waste collectors. Fixed with screws (not supplied).

    £ 10.00
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  • Unit price : £ 2.70

    Packaging : 1 x box of 10 pouches & 1 x canister

    Blood, saliva, saline solution as well as particles of bone and surrounding tissue may cause blockages in the suction system. Disposable of regulated mediacl waste presents a challenge for surgeries that practice implantology. Indeed, the regulation associated with various biohazards and their disposable are intricate and vary according to local...

    £ 27.00
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  • Unit price : £ 89.00

    Packaging : 1 unit

    Ideal stand to accomodate HYGITECH suction waste collectors (HY-12033) Height: 100cm Diameter: 54cm

    £ 89.00
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  • Packaging : 1 unit

    Adapters sterilisable in autoclave and chemiclave. The double adapter makes it easy to connect cannulas from 11 to 16 mm. Non-sterile packaging.

    £ 4.25
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