1 canister + 50 suction waste bags

1 canister + 50 suction waste bags


  • Box of 50 pouches + 1 canister


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Hygitech reassurance product

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The collection and disposal of fluids is both very demanding for professionals and highly regulated. The treatment of medical waste therefore represents a real challenge for dental practices. HYGITECH suction waste bags are now available in a new, more compact version with or without solidifier to assist and optimize fluid collection and disposal.

Features :

- 1 reusable canister that can be fixed to the wall or to a rolling stand
- 50 single-use bags to be inserted in the canister
- Available with or without solidifier (10G tube) allowing to gel the aspirated fluids, thus facilitating transport and waste treatment
- Capacity: 1000 Ml

Security : The entire waste management system has been designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. This highly hygienic system is equipped with a bacteria filter and a non-return valve for maximum safety. The bags are sealed after closure and emptied into a closed loop container to prevent exposure to contaminated liquid waste and thus protect the medical team and the patient.

Practical and 
economical : The waste pockets adapt to the existing equipment of the practice :
- Space saving: its compact shape adapts very easily to small spaces and facilitates storage.
- Saves time: the system is easy to clean and the filter is simple to change.

Resistant :
To avoid the risk of accidents, each type of lining has been designed to withstand a fall of 1 m and a pressure test of 50 kg.

Effective :
Like bone or flesh particles, blood, saliva or saline can block the suction system. Suction waste bags keep the motor running smoothly: the system retains the extracted material and thus protects the motor filter.