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Saline bags - 15x 500ml  or 10x250ml

Saline bags - 15x 500ml or 10x250ml


Box of 10

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Packaging Box of 10

Saline solution bags are essential for irrigation procedures during dental surgery, containing sterile saline solution suitable for various irrigation needs, including jaw drilling during implant surgery.

IIa STERILE. Certifying body: 0476 Kiwa Cermet Italia

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Key features and benefits

Sterile solution: each pouch contains a sterile saline solution, guaranteeing the best aseptic conditions and reducing the risk of infection.

Convenient packaging: Saline solution is delivered in individually sealed pouches, offering convenience, and reducing waste. 

Versatile use: Pouches of saline solution are suitable for a variety of medical and dental irrigation procedures, offering versatility in the clinical setting.

15x500 ml or 10x250ml.

Precautions for use

- This product is a medical device. Read the instructions on the packaging carefully before use. 

- This product is for single use only and should not be reused. Reuse of this product may expose the patient to an infectious risk.  

- Do not use the product if the packaging is damaged. 

- Do not re-sterilize this product.  


Q: What is the volume of saline solution in each bag?

A: Each pouch typically contains 500 ml of saline solution, suitable for irrigation procedures.

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Medical device. IIa STERILE. Certifying body: 0476 Kiwa Cermet Italia

Manufacturer: INFOMED Fluids S.r.l

Data sheet creation date: 14/05/2024