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Rolling Stand for Aspiration Waste Bags

Rolling Stand for Aspiration Waste Bags


The rolling stand for aspiration waste collectors is a practical accessory designed to facilitate the management of aspiration waste in medical and dental environments. This stand offers a practical solution for organizing aspiration waste containers. No need to purchase multiple stands, as the rolling stand can support up to 3 aspiration bags simultaneously.

Height: 100cm, Diameter: 54cm.



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Key Features and Benefits:

Mobility: With its 5 casters, the stand can be easily moved to different locations, providing flexibility in waste management processes.

Space Saving: Its compact dimensions are perfectly suited for both large and small spaces! The stand is easily stored anywhere to optimize space and organization in the office.

Durable: Made from durable materials, the rolling stand offers stability and durability, ensuring reliable support for aspiration waste containers.


Q: Is assembly required for the stand?

A: Yes, minimal assembly is necessary to set up the stand. Assembly instructions are included for easy installation.

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