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Suction waste bags - 50 refills

Suction waste bags - 50 refills


Box of 50

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Refill waste bags are designed for efficient disposal of waste. These bags are used with vacuum waste management systems to collect and safely dispose of liquid waste generated during procedures.

Just like bone or flesh particles, blood, saliva, or saline solution can block the suction system. Aspiration waste bags keep the motor running smoothly. The system retains extracted matter, thus preserving the motor filter. 



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Key features and benefits:

Efficient waste disposal: Pocket refills enable efficient collection and disposal of liquid waste, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene in medical and dental environments.

Secure sealing: The entire waste management system is designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. This highly hygienic system is equipped with a bacteria filter and a non-return valve for maximum safety. The pouches are sealed after closure and emptied into a closed-circuit container, to avoid exposure to contaminated liquid waste and thus protect the medical team and the patient.

Compatibility: Bag refills are compatible with various vacuum waste management systems, offering versatility in the clinical environment. They adapt to existing practice equipment.

Space-saving: the compact design fits easily into small spaces and facilitates storage.

Timesaving: the system is easy to clean and the filter simple to change.


Q: What is the capacity of each pocket refill?

A: Each pocket refill has a capacity of 1 Liter, suitable for collecting liquid waste during procedures.

Q: In the event of an accident, am I still safe? 

A: To avoid the risk of an accident, each type of liner has been designed to withstand a 1 m drop and a 50 kg pressure test.