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BASICS Set 3 instruments

Set 3 instruments Basic - Box of 400


  • box of 400

Stérile. Org Certificateur : SGS.



Hygitech reassurance product

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Hygitech reassurance product

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Hygitech reassurance product

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The most popular 3-instrument set is back in an even more economical version!

Packaged in 400-piece packs, it offers substantial savings.

Ideal for short procedures or check-ups. Packaged in clear plastic film for quick identification of contents, facilitating easy access.

Contains: mirror with mixing spatula, tweezers and double probe

Key features and benefits

Complete set: The set includes three essential dental instruments, offering versatility and convenience to dental professionals.

Disposable: Each instrument is designed for single use, eliminating the need for sterilization and reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Accurate and reliable: guaranteeing consistent performance during dental examinations.


- 1 mirror with a mixing spatula

- 1 tweezer

- 1 double probe

Precautions for use

- This product is a medical device. Read the instructions on the packaging carefully before use. 

- This product is for single use only and must not be reused. Reuse of this product may expose the patient to an infectious risk.  

- Do not use the product if the packaging is damaged. 

- Do not re-sterilize this product.  


Q: What instruments are included in the Basics 3 instrument set?

A: The set includes a double probe, a mirror with a mixing spatula and a tweezers, essential for dental examinations and procedures.

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Medical device. Class I Sterile Certifying body: SGS Belgium 1639

Manufacturer: Hygitech

Data sheet creation date: 14/05/2024