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Hot and Cold Pack Thermal Pad - Box of 10

Hot and Cold Pack Thermal Pad - Box of 10


Box of 10

Or price per unit : £1.24

This thermal cushion helps relieve patients' pain and swelling caused by implant placemeat.

I. Org. certificateur: AUTO


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Key Features and Benefits

- Dual action:

o Cold use for post-operative traumatic pain (24h/48h after trauma).

o Warm use for traumatic pain during the healing period.

- Effective: provides complete coverage of the surgical area.

- Easy to store and use:

o For cold use: store in a freezer, it is ready to use.

o For hot use: store at room temperature, simply place twice in the microwave for 15 seconds to reheat. 

Precautions for use

- Reusable


Q : Do thermal pads take up a lot of space?

A : Size 10x11.5cm.

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Class I 

Certifying body: AUTO

Manufacturer : HYGITECH

Data sheet creation date : 21/05/24