Dental Surgery

The first step of your dental surgery is to plan your surgery efficiently by choosing the right surgical products which suit your needs.

The surgery has to be carefully planned with the established surgical protocol, following the preoperative visit. Before surgery,prepare your operating room using surgical kits. During the operation the surgeon will simultaneously irrigate the oral area and aspirate fluid. He will then suture wounds.

HYGITECH brings you a step closer to an efficient and successful operation

HYGITECH offers a range of products at all these stages:

From aspiration sets to haemostatic sponges or cotton rolls, we provide you with the appropriate equipment needed for your day to day activities.

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    Polyester sutures are surgical sutures composed of polyethylene terephtalate. Green colour thread. Features: Excellent tolerance Minimal breakage, reducing need to remove irritating suture fragments postoperation Provides excellent pliability (malleable)

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    Braided sterile silk sutures. Non-absorbable, black.

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  • 100% cotton, 12 ply. Sterile

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    A single squeeze activation makes this cold therapy pack immediately reach a safe, therapeutic temperature (0°C) and sustain this temperature for up to 15 minutes. - Sized 12 x 14 cm, it offers full coverage of the surgical area. - Easy to store and use: Simply keep at ambient temperature, no need for a freezer!

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    This reusable Hot & Cold therapy pack helps patients manage pain and swelling following implantology procedures. - Sized 10 x 11.5 cm, it offers full coverage of the surgical area. - Easy to store and use: Simply store in a freezer until ready to use - Comfortable thanks to its non-woven cover

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    With dental surgeons using two kinds of irrigation- external and internal, HYGITECH offers irrigation kits that answer both needs, as well as 1-way and 2-way systems. It is essential that the silicone tubes are compatible with the implant motors. This is why we manufacture many irrigation set models, to offer optimum compatibility. irrigation set is EO...

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    The external irrigation set enables the surgeon to irrigate with no specific irrigation device or motor. It can be used individually during all types of dental surgeries and also for implant surgery, to adjust the flow of cooling liquid.

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  • Saline water solution for irrigation.0,9% sodium chloride concentration.Available in 250ml or 500ml pouches.

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    Surgical aspiration set compatible with all aspiration systems and composed of: a surgical cannula a filter for collecting bone fragments a 2m PVC tube Supplied with a universal adaptor for aspiration systems.

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    Specially for implantologists, it can be fixed to any standard PVC tube or to any surgical suction cannula support. Ideal for angulation of the cannula Length: 25cm, 4mm tip

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    Precise and effective suction cannula, which reaches the narrowest areas. Each box contains 2 autoclavable adapters, diameter 11mm and diameter 16mm. Length: 18cm, Available with 1.2mm and 2.5mm tips.

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    Packaging : 1 x box of 10 pouches & 1 x canister

    Blood, saliva, saline solution as well as particles of bone and surrounding tissue may cause blockages in the suction system. Disposable of regulated mediacl waste presents a challenge for surgeries that practice implantology. Indeed, the regulation associated with various biohazards and their disposable are intricate and vary according to local...

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    Ideal stand to accomodate HYGITECH suction waste collectors (HY-12033) Height: 100cm Diameter: 54cm

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    It can be used in various surgical procedures involving haemostasis when the control of bleeding capillaries, veins and arterioles using pressure, ligature and other classical procedures is inefficient or impractical.

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