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Dental surgery : Sutures

In the dentistry field, suture selection is dependent on the anatomic site, surgeon’s preference, and the required suture characteristics.

No standardised sizing system is available for needles or needle holders; the main consideration in material and needle selection is to minimise trauma.

HYGITECH answers the needs of surgeons and offers 3 different types of sutures :

Taper cutting : needle body is round and tapers smoothly to a point

Conventional cutting : needle body is triangular and has a sharpened cutting edge on the inside

Reverse cutting : cutting edge on the outside

All sutures are sterile and have a 3 year shelf life from the manufacturing date.

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  • Unit price : £ 1.09

    Packaging : box of 12

    Braided sterile silk sutures. Non-absorbable, black.

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  • Unit price : £ 1.92

    Packaging : box of 12

    Polyester sutures are surgical sutures composed of polyethylene terephtalate. Green colour thread. Features: Excellent tolerance Minimal breakage, reducing need to remove irritating suture fragments postoperation Provides excellent pliability (malleable)

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    Packaging : box of 36

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    Packaging : box of 12

    The PGA (Polyglycolic Acid) suture DemeSorb is an absorbable suture of synthetic origin composed of 100% glycolide.

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    Packaging : box of 12

    The PGA (Polyglycolic Acid) suture DemeQuickis a rapid absorbable suture of synthetic origin composed of 100% glycolide.

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  • Unit price : £ 3.58

    Packaging : box of 12

    Polyglactin suture (PGLA) is a braided and coated synthetic surgical suture and is co-polymer of 90% glycolic acid and 10% L-lactide. Features: Excellent tolerance and minimal tissue irritation Easy penetration into the tissue Absorption time: 30 days Thread colour: purple Lifetime: 3 years. Sterile, single use.

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    Packaging : box of 12

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