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Indicateur biologique

Hygitech Biological Indicators - Pack of 10


Box of 10

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The HYGITECH Biological Indicator is an inoculant of viable bacterial spores of Geobacillus stearothermophilus (ATCC No. 7953) and is designed to monitor the efficacy of saturated steam sterilization processes.


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Key Features and Benefits:

- Easy to Use: The HYGITECH Biological Indicator is marketed in ergonomic packaging which includes a leaflet detailing the various steps to follow for its use and interpretation.

- Accurate results: The use of biological indicators is an effective method for monitoring the efficiency of the wet steam sterilization cycle. These consist of testing Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores (ATCC No. 7953), known to be the most resistant bacteria to this type of sterilization.

- Rapid Treatment Time: 24H

- Compliant with international standards: HYGITECH Biological Indicators comply with the AAMI/ISO 11138 standard.




Q1 : How does the Biological Indicator work?

A1 :

- Place one or more biological indicators inside an instrument tray.

- Test the most difficult area in the sterilizer as indicated in the sterilizer instruction manual.

- Process the load according to the sterilizer manufacturer's instructions

- Remove the biological indicator and confirm that the chemical indicator printed on the label has turned brown.

- Activate the treated biological indicator within 8 hours of treatment, by gently crushing the inner glass culture tube using a vial crusher.

- Incubate at 55 - 60°C for 24 hours, monitoring spore growth (visual colour change from purple to yellow) at regular intervals (e.g. 3, 5 and 8 hours).

- Record negative results (no growth), after full incubation, in a sterilizer notebook. No colour change in purple cultures indicates good sterilization.

- Any positive results (growth indicated by a colour change from purple to yellow), should be reported immediately to a supervisor and the sterilizer taken out of service until resolved.



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