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Standard Mayo Table

Standard Mayo Table


The Standard Mayo Table is a versatile and essential piece of equipment designed for surgical procedures. Sturdy and practical, this table provides a stable platform for surgical instruments, trays, and supplies during surgeries and medical examinations.

Tray Dimensions: 60 x 43 cm

Adjustable Height: from 83 cm to 130 cm



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Key Features and Benefits:

Sturdy: Made of stainless steel, the Mayo Table offers durability and stability, providing reliable support for surgical instruments and supplies.

Adjustable Height: The table features height adjustments, allowing healthcare professionals to tailor the table to their preferred working height.

Practical: With its 4 anti-static casters of 50mm diameter, compact design, and easy-to-clean surface, the Mayo Table offers comfort and ease of use in medical and surgical environments.


Q: What is the weight capacity of the standard Mayo Table?

A: The Mayo Table has a load capacity of 12 Kg, suitable for supporting standard medical instruments and supplies during procedures.

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