Syndesmotome faucille taille 3

Microlever Sickle - Size 3


Chompret syndesmotomes are the best-known and most widely used of their kind. They are used to perform the 1st extraction movement, i.e. to sever the desmodontium.


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- Sickle" tip: a semi-circular tip that "hooks" the tooth, effectively cutting the periodontal ligament. This shape is particularly suitable for lower teeth. 
- Atraumatic: this instrument has been specially designed to avoid gingival tearing, enabling extractions to be carried out without trauma.
- Versatile: its curvature, length and fine, reinforced tip make it extremely robust. As a result, this instrument enables the surgeon to use it in a hybrid way: as both a syndesmotome and an elevator, especially in cases involving canines or impacted wisdom teeth. *The syndesmotome must be handled with care and delicacy to avoid damaging the instrument and preventing complications.
- The non-removable Chompret sickle syndesmotome features a flat, rectangular, fairly heavy handle (to maximize gripping force during sectioning), followed by a shaft and a thin, cutting working part.
- It is particularly recommended for mandibular extractions.
- Syndesmotome size: 17 cm
- Dimensions: 14 mm curvature and 5 mm tip