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Protect Plus Surgical Kit - Set of 5

Protect Plus Surgical Kit - Set of 5


  • Best quality / price ratio
  • Sterile
  • 56 items in the kit


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HYGITECH’ s Protect Plus Kit is designed specifically for dental surgery and implantology professionals. This sterile kit offers a complete and reliable solution for surgical procedures, guaranteeing optimal asepsis and effectiveness.


- 4 polyethylene gloves

- 2 surgical handle guards

- 2 plastic sheaths (8 x 120 cm)

- 1 radio tube cover

- 2 control panel protectors with adhesive

- 3 latex-free elastic bands

- 1 adhesive strip 5 x 80 cm

- 1 suction tube with cannula

- 1 universal irrigation system

- 1 2.5mm cannula with adapter 

- 2 surgical brushes with nail cleaner

- 6 hand towels 

Non-woven polypropylene

- 1 cap

- 2 caps

- 2 masks with straps

- 3 pairs of overshoes

 Non-woven laminate

- 1 perforated drape (70 x 100 cm) waterproof with adhesive tape

- 1 "U" surgical drape (100 x 150 cm) waterproof and absorbent with adhesive

SMS microfiber

- 1 table (bridge) drape (90 x 120 cm)

- 1 drape (75 x 75 cm)

- 1 tubing holder with adhesive

- 1 surgical gown with jersey cuffs

- 1 assistant's gown with jersey cuffs

- 1 patient gown with jersey cuffs Crepe paper

- 1 waterproof wrapping paper

Key Features and Benefits

- Composition: The kit includes 56 essential items, carefully selected to cover all the needs of dental surgery.

- Clinical benefits: Perform surgery safely. Control of infectious risks. 

- Quality: high-quality surgical gowns and drapes complying with the EN 13795 standard. We have carefully selected and designed each item in the kit using suitable materials to ensure reliability. 

- Sterility: The various components of the kit are assembled to ensure asepsis when the kit is unpacked. The kit is packed in sterile packaging and made available for sale in sterile condition. 

- Protection: Our kit not only protects the patient, but also offers protection to the surgeon and assistant during surgical procedures, minimizing the risk of infection. 

- Value for money: Offered at a competitive price, the Protect Plus Kit represents a sound investment, combining quality and affordability.

- Sterilization: Ethylene oxide - shelf life 3 years

Additional benefits

- Ease of use: The kit is designed for quick set-up, enabling efficient, trouble-free use.

- Adaptability: Suitable for a wide range of dental surgery procedures, particularly implantology, the kit offers practitioners great flexibility. Ideal for preparing the operating theatre, it can also be used to transform general practices into surgical environments. 

- Confidence: By choosing HYGITECH’ s Protect Kit, you can rely on the reputation of a leading brand in the field of dental surgery.

Precautions for use

- This product is a medical device. Read the instructions on the packaging carefully before use. 

- This product is for single use only and should not be re-used. Reuse of this product may expose the patient to a risk of infection.  

- Do not use the product if the packaging is damaged. 

- Do not re-sterilize this product.  


Q1- Is the Protect Plus Kit suitable for all types of dental surgery? 

Yes, it is designed for various surgical procedures and ideally for implantology.

Q2- What are the benefits of the Protect Plus Kit? 

It offers a wide range of components to protect the surgical environment, the patient, and the practitioners. A complete set of 45 elements. 

 The kit is designed for rapid and effective installation under aseptic conditions.

Q3- How does the Protect Plus Kit ensure patient safety? 

The kit is supplied sterile packed in a sterile barrier.

The kit contains a range of components to protect the equipment, the patient, and the practitioners. 

Q3- Is the Protect Plus kit economical? 

The Protect Plus kit contains most of the protective components used during oral implant surgery in accordance with HAS recommendations. These components, purchased separately, cost much more than a surgical kit.   

Recommendations for Complementary Products

- Duo Kit: A set of 32 elements, perfect as a complement to the Protect Plus Kit for less complex procedures.

- Sterile Irrigation Set: Ideal for safe irrigation during surgery.

- Finalis - PGA Resorbable Suture: Compatible with the Protect Plus Kit for optimal results in post-operative sutures.

Medical device. Class I Sterile Certifying body: SGS Belgium 1639

Manufacturer: Hygitech 

Date of elaboration of the product sheet: 14/12/2023