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Resorbable dressing consisting of 5.6mg/cm² of equine collagen fibrils (tendonds of horses). Thanks to its biological properties, PARASORB Fleece HD is the ideal biomaterial for optimal results both functuinally and aesthetically.

Dimension : 1.8 x 3.6 cm (x 12)

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£ 96.00

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• Resorption between 2 - 4 weeks
• Reduced risk of haematoma (sources of infection)
• The control of haemostasis for better healing
• The formation of granulation tissue
• Reliable bone regeneration
• Simple and effective application
• An economical use

PARASORB Fleece HD is used for haemostasis after tooth extractions, the recovery of a bone defect or during maxollifacial surgery . The contact of the collagen with blood induces increased platelet production. The platelets stick in great numbers to the collagen matrix, disintegrate and triggers a coagulation reaction which, alongside the plasma, lead to fibrin formation. Collagen fibrils then lead to the strengthening of the blood clot.

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