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Diameter of the rings

La-Grange scissors are particularly used to work around tight areas, such as the interproximal spaces of the mouth. Unlike Metzenbaum scissors, La-Grange scissors have much shorter blades. La-Grange scissors are very popular for the removal of thin flaps.


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The La-Grange HYGITECH scissors have the following characteristics:

S shape: facilitates cutting in difficult to access areas by clearing the visual field to offer better visibility of the treatment area. Very easy to handle, the double curvature makes it possible to reach the posterior areas without having to spread the cheek

The "pointed" tip: very sharp for a very good sharpness of cut in order to carry out more meticulous and very precise procedures

The "serrated" tip: for more invasive applications by acting on more resistant tissue. The serration ensures that the tissue is held in place and prevents the instrument from slipping during the cut

The combo of the two tips makes it easy to cut soft tissue or sutures.

Ring diameters: 17 mm (standard rings) or 20 mm (large rings)