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Instruments : Dentistry Scissors

Surgical scissors are very popular with dentists and are an essential part of implant surgery. Indeed, the different fields of application allow practitioners to perform all types of surgery while providing comfort and optimal results.

Whether for cutting tissue, surgical sutures or membranes, HYGITECH offers a wide range of surgical scissors. HYGITECH scissor blades are available in various shapes (straight, curved, S-shaped), and with different tips (pointed, blunt, serrated, super-cut etc.) depending on the desired application.

Each of our scissors are reusable, and made of stainless steel to increase their longevity despite disinfection and sterilisation cycles. We offer surgical scissors in classic steel, or with tungsten carbide jaws, recognisable by their gold handles, or even scissors with a ceramic coating to meet all needs. As a guarantee of this high quality, HYGITECH offers a lifetime warranty* on all its instruments. * Under normal conditions of use.

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