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ISTERILE. Org. certificateur: 0123 TÜV Süd

Prolinx GmbH, Brehmstr. 56, 40239, Duesseldorf, Germany


Hygitech reassurance product

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Hygitech reassurance product

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Hygitech reassurance product

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The Surgical drape is designed to provide reliable protection and maintain a sterile field during dental procedures. It ensures optimum performance in dental environments.

Key features and benefits:

- Sterile Protection: Our surgical drape offers a sterile barrier, helping to maintain a sterile field during dental procedures and reducing the risk of contamination.

- Generous size: With dimensions of 75x90cm, this drape offers ample coverage, ensuring complete protection for patients and dental practitioners.

- Easy Application: Designed for easy application, this surgical drape features adhesive edges for secure attachment to surrounding surfaces, enabling rapid setup and efficient workflow during procedures.


Q: Can the surgical drape be used for all dental procedures?

A: Yes, the drape is suitable for a wide range of dental procedures, offering versatile protection in a variety of clinical environments.

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- Class : Is STERILE. Notifying Body : CE 1639

- Manufacturer : Hygitech

- Date of elaboration of the product sheet: 04/04/24