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Caliber 2

HYGITECH Goldman-Fox curettes are designed for use in various areas of the oral cavity. They are suitable for scaling and root planing procedures on both anterior and posterior teeth, removing subgingival calculus and cleaning roots effectively. Their specific design facilitates access to different areas of the mouth for in-depth cleaning.

Available models are :

PA-Curettes Goldman-Fox GF1 with hollow handle (HY-94407)

PA-Curettes Goldman-Fox GF6 hollow handle (HY-94408)

PA-Curettes Goldman-Fox GF7 hollow handle (HY-94409)

Goldmann fox 2 (HY-94401)

Goldmann fox 3 (HY-94402)

Goldmann fox 4 (HY-94403)

Goldmann fox 5 (HY-94404)


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Key features and benefits

-Each curette is designed for optimized access to specific areas of the mouth.

-Adapted shape and angle for efficient removal of subgingival deposits and root surfaces.

-Titanium material for enhanced longevity and corrosion resistance.

-Ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip and reduced fatigue during prolonged treatments.


Q: Which Goldman-Fox curette is recommended for subgingival cleaning?

A: Goldman-Fox curettes are ideal for precise subgingival cleaning in various areas of the mouth.

Q: How do I choose between the different Goldman-Fox curette models?

A: The choice depends on the specific area to be treated; each model has a size and shape adapted to targeted interventions.

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Manufacturer : Hygitech 

Datasheet redaction date : 29/12/23