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Gaine de protection 90 cm avec adhésif, pour tubulure

Adhesive Protective Sleeve for Tubing - Box of 250 Sleeves


Box of 250

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The adhesive protective sleeve for tubing is a specialized accessory designed to ensure optimal hygiene and safety during dental procedures. Measuring 90 cm in length and 8.5 cm in width with an adhesive at the end, this sleeve securely wraps around tubes, providing a protective barrier against contamination.


key Features and Benefits:

Effective Protection: Serves as an effective barrier for non-autoclavable components to prevent cross-contamination. Offers protection against bacteria and viruses, limiting the use of disinfectants and thereby extending the lifespan of the equipment.

With Adhesive: The adhesive at the end of the sleeve ensures a secure and stable fit around the tubes, preventing any slipping during dental procedures.

Practical Length: With a length of 90 cm, the sleeve adapts to different sizes of tubes commonly used in dental practice, offering versatility and ease of use.

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