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Disposable Scalpel Blades


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Swann Morton


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Sterile scalpel blade

- Disposable blades: for one-time use only
- Carbon steel
- Individually wrapped
- Several references available:
- Blade n°10: with curved cutting edge, for making small incisions in skin and muscle
- Blade n°11: triangular cutting edge with reinforced tip, for making incisions
- Blade n°12: crescent-shaped cutting edge with pointed blade, for cutting sutures, removing skin flaps and removing excess polymerized composite resin from the facial and interproximal region of the tooth during restorative procedures.
- Blade n°15: with curved cutting edge, for making small, precise incisions
- Blade n°15C: with a longer, more extensive cutting edge than the n°15 blade, the 15C blade increases the dentist's reach for periodontal procedures in particular.
Medical device class: IIA
Marking CE0086 Certifying body: BSI
Manufacturer: Swann Morton Swann Morton