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Sutures : Absorbable sutures

Suturing knots and material should be based on the goals of the surgical procedure. Above all the choice of material is critical to allow safe and quick healing. The right sutures will properly close the wound and secure the surgical flaps. Therefore, when selecting suturing material, the surgeon needs to consider its tensile strength, absorption time and biocompatibility with tissue in order to prevent infection.

Absorbable sutures are typically more convenient for patients

They will dissolve in tissue after a given period of time. However, it is important to choose one where the rate of tensile strength loss equals the healing rate of the tissue.

Nowadays, most absorbable sutures are made of synthetic polymer fibres, which are more popular due to their ease of use, low tissue reaction, guaranteed non-toxicity and low cost. These may be monofilament in structure (made of one single strand) or multifilament (several strands braided together). Absorption is by hydrolysis. The braided sutures such as polyglycolic acid (PGA) and polyglactic acid (PGLA) have a smooth surface making them easy to use, reducing tissue trauma and ensuring good ligation. They also do not harbour bacteria.

Cold packs may be used at the end of the surgery to prevent swelling and reduce pain.

We also provide non absorbable sutures.

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