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Examination : Single use instruments

Time is precious surgeons. To prioritise the patient the instrument sterilisation, HYGITECH offers a disposable mirror and two sterile examination sets.


  •  Very precise: The instruments are ergonomic. The sleeves are made of plastic, the tweezers and the probe tips have stainless steel.
  • Ready to use: All instruments necessary for patient examination are combined in one set, eliminating tray preparation time
  •  For a real time saver: disinfection, packaging and then autoclaving. The assistant and the surgeon can work with 4 hands.
  • The single use and accuracy at a time, the best way to fight against cross-contamination
  •  Sterilised with ethylene oxide, for the safety of the care team and patient
  • Economic: Increased productivity while reducing the costs of disinfection and sterilisation 
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  • Unit price : £ 0.23

    Packaging : box of 50

    Single use sterile mirror, 21mm diameter with anti-fog treatment. Handle length: 14 cm. Advantages: - Bright and brilliant reflexion: The mirror is made of rhodium, thus the image is reflected only once. - Convenient: Ideal angulation (30°)

    £ 11.40
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  • Unit price : £ 0.74

    Packaging : Box of 20

    Ideal for short procedures or simple patient visits. Packed in a transparent plastic peel pack tray, which provides easy identification of contents. Contents: 1 mouth mirror, 1 probe, 1 pair of tweezers

    £ 14.70
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  • Unit price : £ 1.98

    Packaging : Box of 10

    Comprehensive examination kit: a ready-to-use tray for all kinds of procedures Contents: 1 mouth mirror, 1 probe, 1 pair of tweezers, 1 ear-loop mask, 1 tissue, 2 cotton rolls, 1 spatula, 1 saliva pump.

    £ 19.80
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  • Unit price : £ 0.21

    Packaging : box of 400

    The most popular 3 instrument set is back in an even more economical version! Packaged with 400 pieces, it allows you to make substantial savings Ideal for short procedures or control visits. Packaged in a paper/transparent plastic film for quick identification of the contents.

    £ 85.00
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  • Unit price : £ 0.02

    Packaging : box of 100

    Available in white and multicoloured Packaged individually in plastic bags.

    £ 15.00
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