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Instruments : Instruments for extraction

HYGITECH offers nearly 400 specific instruments for surgery.
- A wide range for all needs: the instruments are organised in three specialties: implantology, periodontics and maxillofacial surgery.
- Top quality: The instruments are manufactured in Germany and are guaranteed for life under normal conditions of use.
- Afûtage service, maintenance and special treatments are also available.

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    4.0 mm

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    The HYGITECH range of forceps offers different sizes of forceps corresponding to the anatomy of the root of the extracted tooth. This allows use the right forceps for each situation, facilitating the rupture of the ligament and limiting any risk of breakage of the dental crown.

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    -For an effective section of periodontal ligaments.-Designed for atraumatic extractions.-Particularly effective for preserving the gums and periosteum.

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