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HYGITECH Implant Scalers are specialized instruments designed for the maintenance of dental implants. They are made from a titanium alloy similar to that used for implants and abutments, making them biocompatible and safe for use on implant surfaces. These scalers can be sharpened as required to extend their service life. They are designed to safely and effectively remove tartar and biofilm, while preserving the integrity of dental implants.

Here are their specific part numbers:

Set of implant cleaning scalers and curettes : HY-91200

Titanum implant scaler H6/H7: HY-91205

Titanum implant scaler 204 SD: HY-91206

Titanium scaler H6/H7: HY-91212

Titanium scaler 204SD: HY-91213


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Key features and benefits

-Titanium alloy construction compatible with dental implants, reducing the risk of damage during cleaning.

-Finely honed cutting edges for effective removal of biofilm and calculus.

-Can be resharpened, extending instrument life.

-Ergonomic design for improved grip and reduced operator fatigue.


Q: What are HYGITECH implant scalers made of?

A: They are made of titanium alloy, similar to that used for implants and abutments.

Q: Can HYGITECH implant scalers be sharpened?

A: Yes, they can be sharpened to prolong their usefulness.

Q: Can HYGITECH implant scalers be used on all types of implants?

A: They are designed for use on titanium implants.

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Manufacturer : Hygitech 

Datasheet redaction date : 29/12/23