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Castroviejo needle holders are mainly used in microsurgery. They are distinguished from other needle holders by their slender tip and the mechanism of their handle which allows the jaws to be activated without effort. Thanks to their springs, Castroviejo microsurgical needle holders offer flexibility and precision during surgery.


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They help to reduce repetitive movements during lengthy surgeries, thus relieving the practitioner. The unique design features allow them to suture wounds and incisions very precisely and smoothly, with minimal trauma, thus reducing the risk of damaging peripheral tissue. These so-called microsurgical needle holders are used to hold very small needles for sutures with a gauge of 5-0 to 8-0.
The Castroviejo HYGITECH Microsurgical Needle Holders have the following features:
- Ergonomic handle: the ergonomic needle holders have a very special design that offers an even more comfortable grip. Very light and flexible, the Castroviejo ergonomic needle holders are precision pliers. The new handle design combines the advantages of easy cleaning and sterilisation with a perfect fit. The special surface of the handle ensures a secure hold both in traction and in pushing.
- Spring-loaded lock with "ratchet" system: without grip rings, this instrument works via a spring that curves inwards to lock/unlock the needle holder. Unlike other needle holders, the surgeon does not need to gauge the tightness of the needle, a single press on the arms with the palm of the hand engages the mechanism.
- Available in size: 15 cm 
Tungsten carbide is an alloy of carbon and tungsten. Tungsten carbide (TC) is the material with the highest melting point (3422°). Therefore, TC is a very hard material with high resistance to wear and oxidation. Tungsten carbide needle holders are recognisable by their two gold handles
A straight tip for open areas with ample space, with non-slip jaws: the short, grooved jaws make it easier to grip the needle and hold it firmly, preventing it from slipping when suturing a wound. Tungsten carbide, which makes the active parts stronger and more durable to improve the grip on the needle
These needle holders are available in a very thick tip, for fine and delicate needles, with small to very small suture sizes ranging from 5-0 to 8-0