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Curettes LUCAS dentelés


Diameter 2,6 mm

  • 1 unit


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Hygitech reassurance product

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Hygitech reassurance product

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LUCAS HYGITECH curettes are instruments that are particularly used after an extraction. These curettes allow alveolar trimming in order to remove bone, cystic tissues (especially apical granulomas) or granulation tissues in the cleared alveolus. They ensure cystic detachment and enucleation.

LUCAS serrated curettes have the following characteristics:

- The cutting property is enhanced by the serration, which acts as a "saw" for cutting and removal. Sharper than standard LUCAS curettes, serrated LUCAS curettes are used for more invasive applications, which allows them to act on stronger tissue and ensures better curettage of the socket in depth.

- Compared to other curettes, LUCAS curettes are easier to maintain and sharpen.

- With ergonomic handle for a better grip

- LUCAS serrated curettes are available in various sizes:

- LUCAS serrated curette 84: 2.1 mm

- Curette LUCAS serrated 85: 2.6 mm

- Curette LUCAS serrated 86: 3.2 mm

- Curette LUCAS serrated 87: 3.9 mm

- Curette LUCAS serrated 88 : 4,65 mm

- The serrated LUCAS curettes are made in Germany and are designed in stainless steel for autoclave sterilisation.