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Hygitech reassurance product

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Hygitech reassurance product

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Hygitech reassurance product

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HYGITECH LANGER titanium curettes are designed to optimize scaling and root planing. These instruments have two parallel cutting edges and a rounded tip.

HYGITECH Langer curettes differ from universal curettes in their design, which is adapted to specific tooth surfaces. They combine the handle of standard Gracey curettes with two cutting edges, and are available in three sizes for use on different tooth regions. The Langer 1/2 curette is used for mandibular posterior teeth, the 3/4 for maxillary posterior teeth, and the 5/6 for mandibular and maxillary anterior teeth. These curettes are essential for precise, targeted cleaning during periodontal and surgical procedures.

They are suitable for both scaling and root planing.

Key features and benefits

-Designed to adapt to most dental surfaces thanks to a set of three sizes.

-Special handle and cutting edges for precise access and removal of subgingival debris.

-The angle of the handle and the two cutting edges enable effective use on both anterior and posterior teeth.

-Useful for a wide range of procedures from standard scaling to more complex periodontal interventions.


Q- Which LANGER curette should I choose for mandibular molars?

A- The Langer 1/2 curette

Q- Which LANGER curette should I choose for maxillary molars?

R- Langer 3/4 curette

Q- Which LANGER curette should I choose for the maxillary and mandibular anterior sectors?

R- Langer curette 5/6

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Datasheet redaction date : 29/12/23