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Curette columbia en titane

Columbia Titanium Curette


HYGITECH's McCall and Columbia universal curettes are essential tools for scaling and curettage procedures in dental practice. They are designed with a comfortable grip in mind. Here are their specific part numbers for easy restocking:

Titanium curette COLUMBIA 2RL HY-91207

Titanium curette COLUMBIA 4RL HY-91208

Titanium curette COLUMBIA 2RL HY-91214

Titanium curette COLUMBIA 4RL HY-91215

PA-Curettes Columbia 4RL hollow-handle HY-94713

PA-Curettes Columbia 412 hollow-handle HY-94715

PA-Curettes MC Call 11/12 hollow-handle HY-94410

PA-Curettes MC Call 13/14 hollow-handle HY-94412

PA-Curettes Mc Call 19/20 hollow-handle HY-94413

PA-Curettes Columbia 02 hollow-handle HY-94411

PA-Curettes MC Call 11/12A hollow-handle HY-94716

MC CALL 13/14S HY-94405

MC CALL 17/18S HY-94406

These instruments are sharpened on both sides and feature a rounded tip that must be held during sharpening, enabling them to adapt to different areas of the oral cavity for effective tartar removal and a smooth root finish.


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Key features and benefits

-Each curette is designed for optimized access to specific areas of the mouth.

-Adapted shape and angle for efficient removal of subgingival deposits and root surfaces.

-Unique color coding for quick identification and easy selection during procedures.

-Titanium material for increased longevity and corrosion resistance.

-Ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip and reduced fatigue during prolonged treatments.


Q : What are dental curettes used for?

A: They are used for scaling and curettage under and above the gums.

Q : How do I choose the right curette?

A: Select according to the area to be treated; curettes are specific to particular areas.

Q: How do I maintain my curettes?

A: They must be regularly sharpened to maintain their effectiveness.

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Datasheet redaction date : 29/12/23