Dental surgery : Hemostasis

The second stage of the surgery is the act itself. This is carefully planned with the established surgical protocol and following the preoperative visit. During the operation the surgeon will simultaneously irrigate the oral area and aspirate fluid and suturing wounds.  
HYGITECH offers a range of products at all these stages. To irrigate, pockets of saline and irrigation lines compatible with 90% of market drivers; to suck, several cannulas and suction sets; absorbable sutures and nonabsorbable, which you can customize if you like; Finally, reusable or disposable hot/cold packs can be offered to the patient to prevent swelling.

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  • The HYGITECH Haemostatic Sponge is made of high quality gelatin (pig fat), highly processed and purified, and delivered in single sterile blister packs

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    Used in surgical procedures, SURGICEL absorbable hemostat help control capillary, venous and arterial bleeding when ligation or other means of bleeding control are impractical or ineffective.

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