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Aspiration : Cannula

HYGITECH include 3 rigid cannulas of different diameters.
- The Yankauer suction cannula 4mm diameter, with an eye the Lateral
- The cannula with suction diameter 2.5mm
- The cannula with suction diameter of 1.2mm suitable for micro-surgery

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    Packaging : box of 50 Total Cost : £ 34.00 -10% Reduction

    Specially for implantologists, it can be fixed to any standard PVC tube or to any surgical suction cannula support. Ideal for angulation of the cannula Length: 25cm, 4mm tip

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    Packaging : Box of 20 Total Cost : £ 22.00 -25% Reduction

    Precise and effective suction cannula, which reaches the narrowest areas. Each box contains 2 autoclavable adapters, diameter 11mm and diameter 16mm. Length: 18cm, Available with 1.2mm and 2.5mm tips.

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    Packaging : box of 50

    Recommended for general surgical aspiration and bleeding operations, the Yankauer HYGITECH cannula effectively draws all fluids during surgery without obstructing the system.

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