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Instruments : Surgical Mallet

Designed for multipurpose use, the HYGITECH surgical mallet is used in various implant procedures. It is presented in the form of a hammer, and is necessarily used in addition to other instruments (bone chisels, periotomes, osteotomes etc.). Its purpose is to "hit" the instrument with which it is associated, in order to respond to very precise surgical procedures: remodelling, expansion or bone excisions, extraction, sinus-lift, etc.

HYGITECH offers different mallets (heavier or lighter, with or without replacement tips), depending on the density of the bone, the instrument used in addition or the force required to perform the surgical procedure.

All our mallets are reusable and made of stainless steel to increase their longevity despite disinfection and sterilisation cycles. As a proof of this high quality, HYGITECH offers you a lifetime warranty* on all its instruments. * Under normal conditions of use.

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