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Environment Protection : Motor & X-Ray covers

Any indirect contact can cause cross-contamination. Thus, all the equipment present in the operating room as the Mayo table, the engine, radio or operating light must be protected by sterile devices.
Depending on the architecture of the firm, it may also cover flaw furniture, a sink, a microscope, switches ...

To this end, HYGITECH brings several complementary solutions to protect your equipment and ensure aseptic cabinet: Champs sterile, protective sheath for piping, cover seats ... 

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    This polyethylene sterile x-ray bouffant cover will offer maximum protection against cross-contamination when covering your x-ray material, microscopes or dental lights.Internal diameter: 20cm.External diameter: 50cm.

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    The  HYGITECH transparent bag with sliding bootlace allows to protect the control unit without compromising the sterility during the surgery.

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