Individual protection : Overshoes

Cross-infection comes from both the surgical team and even the patient! A great way to prevent cross-contamination is to wear disposable clothing, and to use protective surgical
HYGITECH therefore offers a wide range of caps, gowns, pyjamas and overshoes.
The patient should also be protected by surgical drapes; whether standard, U-shaped or with aperture.

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    Packaging : Box of 50 pairs

    Superior quality: Non woven with a PE anti-slippery and waterproof sole

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    Packaging : Box of 50 pairs

    Standard: Non-woven One size fits all

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    Packaging : box of 500

    HYGITECH's newest overshoes are not only waterproof but economically packaged in 250 pairs. They protect the shoes of the dentists as well as the patients thanks to their impermeability. They also help to avoid all types of contaminations. 

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