Individual protection : Eyewear

A good view is an essential condition for the practice of implant surgery. Beyond the visual correction, HYGITECH meets the needs of the surgeon by providing optimal protection for his eyes.
- Clear Vision: The transparent visors and goggles are treated anti-fog and anti-scratch
- Wide field of vision products are designed to offer a panoramic view
- Can be worn over prescription glasses

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  • Unit price : £ 9.80

    Packaging : 1 unit

    Protective glasses for both the dentist and the patient, ideal during polymerisation of dental pulp.

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  • Unit price : £ 17.95

    Packaging : 1 frame + 12 protection shields

    Complete article: Autoclavable frame, single use shields Anti-fog treatment Vertical inclination Frame available in 3 colours: white, blue, pink

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  • Unit price : £ 0.83

    Packaging : 12 protection shields

    Anti-fog treatment Vertical inclination Handy: Shields easy to fit Perfect protection: 30cm shield protects the whole face The shield assures clear vision, abrasion and scratch-resistant

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