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Aspiration : Aspiration sets

HYGITECH provides two sets with suction cannula.
- The standard suction set with 2.5m tube and cannula Yankauer suitable for implantology
- The set with suction bone collector filter that includes a tube of 2m and a 3mm diameter cannula

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  • Unit price : £ 6.40

    Packaging : Box of 5

    Sterile surgical aspiration set compatible with all aspiration systems and composed of : a surgical cannula a filter for collecting bone fragments a 2m PVC tube Supplied with a universal adaptor for aspiration systems.

    £ 32.00
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  • Unit price : £ 2.90

    Packaging : Box of 10

    Sterile suction device composed of a surgical cannula pre-installed at the end of the PVC aspirator tube of 2.70m

    £ 29.00
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