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Precision of visual acuity is a key element in the practitioner's movements. Thus, the optical aid (magnification systems, microsurgical glasses, binocular magnifiers, etc.), allows the surgeon to optimize the quality of the care provided. Similarly, by increasing visibility and accuracy, surgical magnifiers allow the practitioner to straighten up to reduce back and neck tension. Thus, by improving both posture and working comfort, the surgeon promotes performance in technical procedures for successful procedures.
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    Choice between a sporty and more classical model. - Great optical quality: providing bright and sharp images. - Adjustable size: 3 magnification levels possible. - Lightweight and ergonomic. - Easy to adjust: these glasses adapt to all forms. Ultra resistant for a long lasting effectiveness.

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    This portable LED headlight is perfectly compatible with the Magnifine Binocular loupe. It delivers brilliant white, homogenous long lasting LED light for greater precision during surgery.

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    The HYGITECH lens is an optical instrument developed to facilitate visualisation of specific objects or areas. It was conceived for all precise work as well as helping improve performance of dental surgeons during technical procedures.

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