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Bone scrapers

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Instruments : Bone scrapers

When the surgeon decides to perform an autograft, he or she will have to take endobuccal samples in order to collect autogenous bone (i.e. from the patient). To do this, he will have to use a very precise instrument: the "bone scraper". The bone scraper will allow the patient's cortical bone to be scraped and collected in order to re-implant it directly into the presumed location of the graft.

HYGITECH offers bone scrapers in several shapes (straight, curved), depending on the site to be harvested, and spare blades adapted for use of the instrument over time.

Each of our bone scrapers are reusable, and made of stainless steel to increase their longevity despite disinfection and sterilisation cycles. As a proof of this high quality, HYGITECH offers you a lifetime warranty* on all its instruments. * Under normal conditions of use.

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