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Waste disposal : Kick bucket

Disposal of surgical practice is a real public health problem and follow a regulation that difère country to country. We are far from a simple ecological concern, the risk of infectious and toxic levels.
A dental practice produces one hand, common household waste (paper, etc.) and also care activity waste including:
- Uncontaminated waste streams are similar to household waste, such as plaster casts, imprinted paste residues, cements, sterilisation pouches, etc. who will refuse the circuit.
- Care waste at risk of infection and toxic waste. It is these last two categories that require specific treatment. HYGITECH offers several products to help you in this task.

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    HYGITECH waste bucket is made of stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304. Great mobility: 4 wheels of 50mm diameter Easy to clean: The bowl is detachable from the base. Capacity: 14L

    £ 179.00
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