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Sterilisation : Paper and tape indicator

Sterilisation and maintaining perfect hygiene are daily challenges. For sterilisation of their instruments, implantology use an autoclave exposing the instruments to a strong water vapor.
To ensure the perfect working of the autoclave, HYGITECH offers 3 types of sterilisation tests.
The consumable necessary for sterilisation is also available: crepe paper tape and sterilisation indicator to distinguish sterile products of others.

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    Packaging : 500 sheets

    Cassette wrapping for complete protection during sterilisation cycle. Composed of 100% cellulose fibers. 60g/m²: Great barrier against bacteria Multiple uses: The paper can be used as a dental tray or a sterile drape after the package is opened The range is ISO 11607-1 and EN868-2 certified

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    Packaging : 1 unit

    Adhesive tape with stripes of thermochromatic ink imprinted. It serves to denote whether an item has been through the autoclave. Whilst it does not offer any guarantee of sterility, it does help to distinguish easily between packs of instruments which have and have not been sterilised, as mix-ups can often occur in a surgery.

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