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Set 3 instruments réutilisables standard

Standard reusable 3-instrument set

Set 3 instrus

  • 1 unit


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Hygitech reassurance product

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Hygitech reassurance product

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This set of 3 standard reusable instruments is used as a first-line tool for dental diagnosis.

Ideal for short procedures or follow-up visits.

It presents:

- 1 college precelle (HY-91920)

- 12 standard non-crushing mirrors (HY-92524) 

- 1 round mirror handle (HY-92520)

- 1 n°9 probe with flexible tip (HY-92922)


Key features and benefits

COLLEGE fork (HY-91920):

- 15 cm ribbed handle

- Tip length: 13 mm

Standard non-coating mirror (HY-92524) with handle (HY-92520):

- 22mm diameter stainless steel mirror 

- 4.1 mm diameter, round, ribbed stainless steel handle 

Probe n°9 with flexible tip (HY-92922) :

- Grooved handle

- Very fine, flexible tip, Ø1 mm in diameter

- Tip length: 15 mm

- Tip inclination: 60°.

Made of stainless steel, all instruments in the set can be disinfected and autoclaved.

Reusable, this set is therefore more ecological and environmentally friendly. 

Made in Germany.